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My travels through space and time.

" Students in GAO City", North of Mali, Western Sahara. May 2014.

My travel diaries are the best way to introduce myself, they trace the root of my artistic creation, its origins and the key issues that can disfigure the existence of a man.

We live in a world where the most noble and most beautiful remains to be tell & done.



A «Sit-in» in the name of Contemporary Art.  >>>

From the beginning the main concern was for me is to participate on this fascinated debate on the Man, Arts and the history of human ideas, I was convinced from the beginning that we live in a world where where the most important and the wonderful things still to be known & done. Art was for me and still, the starting point, allowed to be at a space to think and to carry out the thoughts, art was always realistic; the human reality is an incredible nightmare.   >>>

Posted at: 01 January 2016



Mixing colors with wrath…   >>>

The year of 1989 was a reap departure for all the group of youth artists of this movement , they exposed their painting in many cities around Morocco, also with organizing round tables and conferences, always about the modernity in general and the contemporary art in particular. It was the year’s shock for me, “people didn’t show interests for what we were doing, we were forcing them to believe in us & it was so clear that the need of the Moroccan in art wasn’t for the contemporary art.”    >>>

Posted at: 07 January 2016







"The Desert Revolution":

Glory to the divine man.

My new collection of paintings - 2016.

Inspired from my readings and trips in the past two years, especially  through the roads of Morocco, Benin and Mali. This collection is titled:  "The Desert Revolution". A tribute to children in war zones and military conflicts, regardless of their skin color or their religions.

The world is changing his faces, this is the worst nightmare for those who dream of a better future away from the divine. Since the dawn of time, Man was the creator of its history & its civilization, he's the legitimate source of light and intelligence.

The Sahara also has

its own enlightenment,

 it will light… like never.

 >>>   A movie about

this collection on YOUTUBE  >>>


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