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Mixing colors with wrath…

The year of 1989 was a reap departure for all the group of youth artists of our movement , they exposed their painting in many cities around Morocco, also with organizing round tables and conferences, always about the modernity in general and the contemporary art in particular.

Detail from "The desert revolution" collection.  December 2015.

Oil on Canvas.

 It was the year’s shock for me, “people didn’t show interests for what we were doing, we were forcing them to believe in us & it was so clear that the need of the Moroccan in art wasn’t for the contemporary art.” In 1994, K.FAKHAR, after many activities I decided for no more exposing my Art. I was in another order of deep questions, an art without public: an art without limits, without judgment values, but for sure with a fantastic destination: The Creation: I was convinced since 1994 that contemporary art was a personal issue in my country, but the need was
in me, the great sensations to touch the sky was in me too, so why others? Why the public?

With this vision my work become an open space, not limited and not conditioned by others; each painting is destroyed, torn or burned in order to find other matters and other forms. I don’t care about a public which will direct me to a standard taste already established, far from my originality, a public which will like, or not like my paintings. My art is not for selling, it is an art which does not seek to be exposed and to pleased or not, for me it was usually a question of survey.

43 paintings sold until the 1994, (In Morocco, France and Tunisia), several articles in the Moroccan and the Arab press, a number of conferences……it was a great beginning for a classical career of an artist who search to be liked, exposed, then be a part of an "Official system", but I’ve chosen otherwise, keep my art for myself, become a
journalist and especially not to leave Morocco, but travel around this beautiful country and also around west Africa, It was the beginning of a wonderful human experience. More than twenty years of refusal solitude in Art was necessary to forge the spirit of a man who mix colors on its nerves & wraths.



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