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A «Sit-in» in the name of Contemporary Art.

From the beginning the main concern was for me is to participate on this fascinated debate on the Man, Arts and the history of human ideas, I was convinced from the beginning that we live in a world where where the most important and the wonderful things still to be known & done. Art was for me and still, the starting point, allowed to be at a space to think and to carry out the thoughts, art was always realistic; the human reality is an incredible nightmare.

Detail from "The desert revolution" collection.  December 2015.

Oil on Canvas.

In 1986 I created with my friend the painter Samir SALMI ( in Rabat) the CTAC, a cell of work and research in Contemporary art Domain. The main activity of this cell was focused on the history of Art, and also on the visit of workshops of the Moroccan artists and the organization of meetings & conferences, the communication was
necessary at the time in order to increase the circle.

One year later, it’s the foundation of movement “Art & Public”, with a group of Six Moroccan painters, who decided to expose their paintings in the street in downtown Rabat, the Capital of Morocco, it was the great time for us. The idea was to expose the Contemporary art in the street, to break the wall of silence and targeting people who never visit the art galleries, which is hardly interested in painting, it was about targeting a convinced public, that it does not have a place in Morocco for this kind of Art.

It was for the first time in Rabat to make a set-in in the name of Art, and besides a great part of the press during that time, and also the national TV station sent their journalists in order to cover this "BUZZ" . We have succeed to circulate the question about the utility of our Art, named Contemporary in a country who counts more than 40% of illiterate, a legitimate question !! Especially if we are painters.



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