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January 2007


Painting title:  “scars and memories 2”

Size: 2m / 1m40

Serial: 41/2006

Materiel: Oil on Canvas + Collage

Collection: “scars and memories”

Painting date: September 2006


About this painting / Collection

I started to work on this collection by the beginning of 2006. I qualified this step as my second departure in my art career, this departure become possible when I stopped destroying my paintings. The idea of this collection “scars and memories” was not to think or to decide during my work; forget everything, and start to work with spontaneity. 

This idea gives me more space and liberty; I don’t care about laws and criteria: I’m the master of my art creation.

This painting is the second one of this collection.


K.FAKHAR - 02/01/2007


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