>> In 1988 K. FAKHAR begun to write about contemporary art in Moroccan newspaper, he was mmotivated by this idea to participate on this fascinated debate on the Man, art and thought.


>> From 1994 the journalism becomes his job.


>> Lot of articles in Moroccan Newspaper & Magazines like (from 1988 to 1998): Al Alam, Anoual,Al Maghribi, Al Moustakbal, Al Hayat Al Yaoumia, Al Quods....


>> Lot of Conferences and debates about contemporary Art between 1988 & 1994.


K.Fakhar debate about Ahmed Cherkaoui, (Moroccan painter)

University Mohamed V - Rabat - 1992

The opening of the first Contemporary painting exhibition took place in Mohamed V University, faculty of literature and human science,

Rabat, Dec-1998.
Khalid FAKHAR stands close to his paintings with some visitors  -- Photo Credit: M.Bencheickh

Some painters who participated for the first Contemporary Painting exhibition at the Mohamed V University, faculty of literature and human science, Rabat, Dec-1998.
K.FAKHAR, S.SALMI, Naim IDRISS, Ahmed BELMKADEM, Abdelmajid Chaouki.


K.FAKHAR – in his workshop behind his painting "Last Night in Baghdad "- 2003
“I stopped exposing my paintings but my workshop does not stop becoming a permanent space of exposure, I owe my continuity has much love towards my friends and family”

<< 1992  L'Opinion

Daily Newspaper - Morocco


In 1992 K. FAKHAR & S. Salmi worked on a big wall painting in Mohamed V University, faculty of literature and human sciences, Rabat.


Wall Painting - 1991


 Anoual, Daily Newspaper 


Al Alam, Daily Newspaper 

"Art & Public" Movement
The idea was to expose the Contemporary art in the street, to break the wall of silence and targeting people who never visit the art galleries, which is hardly interested in painting, it was about targeting a convinced public, that it does not have a place in Morocco for this kind of Art.

<< 1991  Al Alam , Daily Newspaper


Art in the war Time

The first Golf War was the subject of big debate in Morocco, time for new questions about art and war.


<< 1991  Al Alam , Daily Newspaper



To read the history of art was necessary in order to understand the present of contemporary art in Morocco. More than 10 articles about this question during 1991 - Written by Khalid FAKHAR


<< 1996  Al Moustakbal , Weekly - Morocco


Until now K.FAKHAR earns its living as video journalist. In 2002 he founded with his friend, Patrick Bernard the first independent television press agency in Morocco ( MPN TV Press) “Moroccan Press Network



Photo: The cover of "Al Moustakbal" a Moroccan weekly magazine, 1996, where K.FAKHAR worked like chief editor.


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